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For the love - Galatians 5     Bb (G capo 3)

G         D                  G             D

For the love that you showed to me

G         Em   Am  D

One so undeserving

Em    Bm          C     G

I am yours for eternity

Am       G      B7  Em

Finding joy in serving

Am                    D

You who died for me

For the joy that now fills my heart

Light that shines within me

I am yours now in every part

Make me all that I should be

You who set me free

D          G

May the fruit of your Spirit


Grow in me and increase


Patience, kindness and goodness


Faithfulness, joy and peace,  

        Am                  G

With gentleness and self-control

     Am                  D

To guard my body, mind and soul


        Em         Bm

And, high over all

           Am             G

Of your gifts from above

        Am               G

Lord, grant me the gift

       Am              D             G

Of a heart that is filled with love!

For the peace that I’d never known

Calm in times of trial

I am yours, Lord and yours alone

Trusting like a child

You who shelter me!

For the life I have yet to live

Every day and hour

I will walk by the strength you give

In your Spirit’s power

You my Lord, my King!

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