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Welcome to geofftaylorsongs.co.uk, the website where you can hear and read a range of Christian songs written by Geoff Taylor.  

The latest additions to the site are Lord lift me up which is a prayer for help in time of need, By grace based on 1 Corinthians 1 and Ephesians 2 and I know the plans, taken from Jeremiah 29, a verse that has been of great encouragement to believers down through the ages.

Choose songs from the Song Index and listen to them using the media player app on each page. Download songs as mp3s using the Download button. Most of the songs are based closely on Bible verses; others are devotional/ worship themed.

The chords for each song are included with the lyrics so, if you are a guitarist, you can play along! I’ve included chord charts which might be helpful with some of my more unusual chord shapes!

Please feel free to use any of the songs and send me any feedback via my email address or the comments form on the Contact info page. Thanks to everyone who has sent me feedback so far!

(Technical note: If you can’t see the latest songs, press f5 to refresh the screen.)